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How do I deal with overwhelming student loan debt?

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Student loan debt can come in many forms. Offered by both federal and private lenders, it is often difficult to know where to turn for help. The first step in analyzing payment options for your student loans is to determine who the lender is. Contacting an attorney familiar with the agencies involved and the different types of loans is essential. Depending on the type of loan and the lender involved, there are a variety of administrative options that may be available to get you back on the right path. Income based repayment plans are often available for the federal loans. In addition, if you are permanently disabled you may be eligible for a complete administrative discharge of the federal loans. However, there are often tax consequences to the options you pursue, speaking with an attorney experienced in these matters is crucial.

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Dealing with student loans in a bankruptcy case continues to be a difficult resolution. The circumstances that must be present for a Court to find an "undue hardship" is a high bar leaving many individuals unable to discharge the debt. However, there are certain circumstances under which you may be able to bring the loans current and stop the tax refund intercepts and other collection activities. In addition, filing for bankruptcy may allow you to discharge other debt relieving some of the financial burdens that are preventing you from paying the student loan debt. Consulting an experienced bankruptcy attorney is an important step in your financial recovery.

Beware of companies offering the refinancing of student loan debt. These loans still remain non-dischargeable in a bankruptcy proceeding when used to payoff student loan debt. In addition, turning unsecured debt into a mortgage lien may put your home in jeopardy if payments are not made. Speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at the outset could save you from making the wrong decisions.

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