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One common bankruptcy misconception is that before or after you file, you must liquidate virtually everything you own and start over. In reality, assets you can keep may include your primary home, a vehicle, qualified retirement accounts, items necessary for work and most household goods.

You may have heard the term "reaffirmation" in reference to your ability to keep valuable personal property. Our attorneys have solid experience evaluating and explaining reaffirmation agreements. Please contact us now to arrange a free consultation on your individual or business finances and asset protection goals.

The need for reaffirmation agreements is unique to Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers who want to keep a financed or leased vehicle.

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Our Pennsylvania lawyers cannot advise you to try to keep a vehicle or other property that is beyond your means. Reaffirmations are one of most controversial areas of bankruptcy law and our experienced PA attorneys can advise you about the solution that is best for you.

We do not offer false hopes or encourage unrealistic expectations. Instead, our attorney, Patricia M. Mayer, is dedicated to thoroughly understanding your personal situation and providing you with sound legal advice based upon our years of experience representing clients in bankruptcy matters. Please call 877-317-9857 or e-mail us today. We serve clients in Bucks and Montgomery counties and throughout Southeast Pennsylvania, Morrisville to Doylestown, Newtown, Willow Grove and Northeast Philadelphia

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