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Pennsylvania Personal Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys  

Pennsylvania Personal Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys
Chapter 11 Is Sometimes the Best Option for an Individual

Just as a corporation may have substantial assets and a workable business plan but too much debt to service, an individual can suffer temporary but extreme financial adversity.

Primarily due to the widespread downturn in real estate values—which has certainly had its impact in the Southeast Pennsylvania area—many individuals are coping with overwhelming debt. Depending on your circumstances, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a viable solution, and our office can help.

Traditionally viewed as a business-only option for reorganization and debt relief, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is also an option for some individual consumers — most often those with over $1 million in secured debt (such as mortgages) or substantially over $300,000 in unsecured debt, which may include credit card debt, medical bills and other obligations.

Striving to Overcome Unmanageable Real Estate Obligations?

We understand that your current situation may have arisen from circumstances and economic factors beyond your control. Consideration of personal Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an emerging necessity for higher-income people who may, for example:

*Bulleted list Be unable to keep up with mortgage payments on a residence or other investment property or . Have suffered an insurmountable decline in value for multiple properties with no viable sale or rental opportunities available to enable a financial recovery

You may be one of many victims of the real estate downturn now "underwater" on investments that looked excellent just a few years back. You may also be someone who never imagined they might consider Chapter 11 or any form of bankruptcy.

Turn to Us to Explore Your Debt Relief and Asset Protection Options

Chapter 11 may be a viable alternative if you don't qualify for a Chapter 7 liquidation, a Chapter 13 filing or loan modification.

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