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Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Medical Debt

If you suffer a medical problem and you have lapsed or inadequate insurance, you can be saddled with overwhelming debt from medical bills. At Patricia M Mayer, P.C., we understand the multiple hardships endured by people facing medical debt — financial obligations on top of medical problems. We work very hard to ensure that they find relief from their debts so they can concentrate on maintaining their health and well-being.

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Solutions for Medical Debt Relief

At Patricia M Mayer, P.C., we understand how easy it is to find yourself with a medical problem and no means to pay the bills. If you have lost your job, you may lose your insurance. Accidents and medical conditions can come up at any time and saddle you with insurmountable bills.

Medical debt, like credit card debt, is considered "unsecured debt." Unsecured debt is typically discharged in a bankruptcy case depending on your financial circumstances. People with significant medical debt can seek Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a means of achieving debt relief or Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy for debtors who have a steady income and have assets they want to protect.

Medical debt like credit card debt can also be a source of creditor harassment. The hardships faced by people with medical debt do not stop creditors from using the same threatening tactics to scare them into taking action. At Patricia M Mayer, P.C., our Pennsylvania bankruptcy lawyers protect people from such harassment and help them put their medical debts in the past. We have a long track record of success achieving total debt relief for our clients when they file bankruptcy and use the Bankruptcy Code to help their financial situation.

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