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Discharging Tax Debt Through Bankruptcy

If you owe taxes, the IRS will not turn a blind eye. They will come after you with the full authority of the federal government. But there is good news: you can counter their power with the protections of the Bankruptcy Code. At Patricia M Mayer, P.C., we have a comprehensive knowledge of bankruptcy law and a dedication to providing the finest client service available. We can help you put your tax debt behind you, and protect you from the harsh tactics of the IRS.

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Bankruptcy and the IRS

If you have outstanding tax debt, the IRS can seize and sell your property, freeze your bank accounts, garnish your wages and take other drastic actions. However, bankruptcy can protect you from IRS collection practices.

If you have outstanding tax debt, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you reorganize and reduce that debt. If your personal income tax debt is older than three years, bankruptcy may allow you to eliminate it completely.

The great benefit of filing for bankruptcy for tax debt is that it eliminates the hefty penalties the Internal Revenue Service imposes on overdue taxes. The penalties the IRS assesses on tax debt can double the amount you owe, but after filing for bankruptcy you can eliminate the penalties and concentrate on paying back the debt plus any interest that has accrued.

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