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Pennsylvania Law Firm Defends Taxpayers in Collection Status With the IRS

Generally, the Internal Revenue Service has 10 years to collect back taxes under the Statute of Limitations on Collections, although certain events may extend or suspend the statute of limitations and keep it from expiring. If the IRS has visited your home or you have received a notice from the IRS about back taxes, balances due, missing returns, or wage levies, or liens, you should seek the professional representation of an IRS collections defense attorney.

Our IRS Collection Lawyers Will Help Protect Your Rights

Although the IRS has extensive authority and tools at its disposal to collect outstanding federal tax liabilities, collection efforts should not interfere with a taxpayer's ability to meet their monthly expenses or operate a business. It is critical to know and understand your rights and responsibilities as a taxpayer, including any civil collection defenses available to you under federal law.

Several options that might be available to those in tax collection status with the IRS include:

  • Filing an extension to pay to help get current on the tax owed
  • Entering into an installment agreement or partial pay installment agreement that will fit the taxpayer's individual situation
  • Making an offer in compromise to settle tax debt for less than is owed
  • Attaining "currently not collectible status", during which IRS collections activity is terminated and payments are suspended until the taxpayer's financial situation improves

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