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Recognizing Warning Signs Can Be the Key to Protecting Your Future

Most of our clients come to us after struggling with debts for some time, which is understandable and admirable. However, our bankruptcy laws are in place for good reasons and this essential legal concept has stood the test of time. Millions of people file bankruptcy and recover. Delay or denial can be very costly.

The sooner you recognize a threat to your financial well-being, the better your legal options may be. We encourage you to contact our firm after any financial setback with potential to seriously harm your financial stability—or upon your first recognition that you are steadily losing financial ground.

Clear, Aggressive Actions that Must Be Addressed

Based on a collective 30 years-plus of experience helping thousands of people obtain debt relief, our lawyers have a strong grasp of bankruptcy warning signs. Some are single events with potentially devastating impact such as:

Important Signals that You Are Losing Ground

Other bankruptcy warning signs are more gradual and subtle, as when you find yourself:

  • Struggling to make even minimum payments on credit card balances—or recognizing that your overall consumer debt has reached an alarming level
  • Dealing with frequent collection calls and creditor harassment at home or work
  • Missing even one mortgage or other loan payment with the intent of making it up next month
  • Considering a withdrawal from your 401(k) or other retirement savings
  • Borrowing substantial sums from relatives or friends to cover basic expenses

Advertising by "debt negotiation" and "credit solutions" organizations has become rampant. Frequently, the leads in these ads focus on the company's ability to help you avoid bankruptcy. The risks of such programs are many, and we believe it is essential to consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney before you enter any plan or agreement.

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